Nancy S - Client since May 2015

 "Suzanna taught me why certain colors, length and cut of slacks &/or capris did or didn't work for me.  Consequently, she helped me go through my closet and purge. She suggested outfit combinations that I would never have put together.  Her fashion "eye" and attention to detail is precise.  She showed me how to change accessories to make an outfit work for many occasions. Suzanna was professional and a pleasure to be with. I loved working with her.  "

Theresa Speed. client since 2015 

"I had the most amazing experience yesterday working with Suzanna Pearson. In just one hour she taught me how to pack a carry on bag to travel to Europe for ten days! It is pretty unbelievable - there is even extra room in my suitcase and I have packed seven outfits. 
I am packed five days early and feel so happy and organized about it! Without Suzanna I would have procrastinated, felt overwhelmed, taken too much, been struggling with a lot of luggage, and had to pay to check a bag and then had to wait for it at Baggage Claim multiple times.
She pulled items from my closet I have had for over a year but have never worn because I did not know what to wear with it. She created new outfits for me, assisted me with my tote bag, jewelry, shoes, and travel outfit. This all happened in one hour!
I highly recommend her to come help you if you are a person that gets stressed about traveling like me."

Jenna E. client since 2012


"I attended a presentation by Suzanna and was hooked on finding out my colors.  The appointment was fun and relaxing, and I was happy to discover how to use my wardrobe to bring out the best of my winter season.  Suzanna created a fun environment and opened my eyes to the difference a piece of jewelry or a simple scarf can made to an outfit.  She even provided makeup tips and recommendations for hair color. Overall it was a wonderful experience and I HIGHLY recommend booking an appointment with Suzanna."

Rana Kennelly,   Aesthetics for You, client since 2013


"I would like to say a big thank you to Suzanna who has helped me know which colors really suit me and be more confident when shopping and combining clothes for my body shape.  People now compliment me on how I look overall, rather than commenting on an item I am wearing.  Suzanna is down to earth, professional and an expert in making you look and feel good. 

My only regret is I didn't do this sooner!  I highly recommend Suzanna."


Joann Decker - Client since June 2016 (new)

"I had a color analysis 30 years ago but my color choices had become hazy and I drifted away from my best colors. Suzanna reanalyzed my best color choices, I purchased a new color swatch ( so glad I did!) and feel I'm back on track making the best choices to enhance my appearance and wardrobe. Suzanna was gracious, confident and fun to work with. I intend to work with her again for additional wardrobe/packing tips."

Kathy Pyle - Client since February 2016

"Recently, Suzanna presented a program to the Lake Forest Woman's Club, sharing how to improve your appearance by utilizing color, integrating scarves, jewelry, layers to name a few, for a new look. 
I was impressed with her presentation and hired Suzanna to create several new looks from my closet that I could utilize for upcoming social events.  Honestly, she saved me quite a bit of money and time, as I did not have to go shopping for several new outfits, they were already in my closet!

Suzanna put my clothes and accessories together in new ways, while making me feel comfortable and it was lots of fun. 
I cannot wait for the next season when she will come back to search through my closet for more new looks."

Jeanenne Tornatore   Orbitz Senior Editor, client since 2013.


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Lynette F, client since 2012


"Suzanna has such a great eye for color and style.  What I have learned from her about dressing for ones best floor palette and body type has helped me make smarter choices when I buy clothes.  I also know how to better assemble and accessorize outfits with things I already own.  I get regular compliments on my appearance thanks to Suzanna.  Every woman should have a session with her!".


Christine Quinn. client since 2015    


"Suzanna saved me hundreds of dollars!  She not only helped me get rid of clothes, shoes and accessories that were not making me look fabulous but also confirmed that some recent purchases were not the best for me.  So, those items were returned and money is back in my wallet, and I don't have those 'mistake' purchases hanging in my closet taking up space.  For years I wanted someone to come and help me purge and put outfits together with the clothes and accessories I already  own. I finally asked Suzanna and only wish I did this sooner. I can only imagine how much more money I would have saved.  Before you invest in any more clothes, shoes and accessories, hire Suzanna. You will not regret it. In fact you will FEEL and LOOK fabulous!."  

p.s. "I have already forwarded Suzanna's name to a friend who complemented me on my outfit last night."

Ellen H. client since 2015 


"Suzanna dived into my closet and helped me weed out items I suspected were bad but didn't have the guts to pitch. She identified clothing that clashed with my personal coloring and showed me what I already had could be fabulous with the right pairing and accessories.  Save yourself time, aggravation, money and time, hire Suzanna to review what you've got before you go shopping!

Not only is she talented, she is honest, funny and relaxing."

Melissa G. client since 2011


"I had so much fun!  It's nice to look in my closet and actually be excited about selecting clothes to wear.  I met some friends for breakfast and they all complemented me on my outfit.  I even accessorized myself.  The shopping list you provided will travel with me for a long time to remind me what to look for and what to avoid.  Thanks again for your help."

Catherine Driscoll

President, RED Communications LLC

Client since 2008

"It's so easy to dress well for all occasions when everything in your closet goes together," says Wear it Well customer Catherine Driscoll. "Packing for a trip is a breeze! I wish I had known this when I was 25. It would have saved me a lot of money over the years."              

JoAnn Alaimo - Client since March 2016

"A color session is a wonderful investment- armed with my color swatches, I am now able to make wiser purchases in less time and look better!"

Mary Faith Terkildsen - Client since March 2016

"Great experience—love the “new” outfits you put together and looking forward to shopping now that I know what styles and colors work best for me."

Stephanie Bailen. client since 2015


"Suzanna helped me create a stylish and classy wardrobe for my upcoming internship this summer.  My wardrobe has now all the basics and I will be able to add more to it by applying all the knowledge Suzanna shared with me while shopping.  Thanks again for all your help!"

Adrienne F.    Gazebo News

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Lisa K.  client since 2009


"If you have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear, you really need to call Suzanna.  She will look at what you have, take photos of new outfits, and make recommendations on items that will enhance your current wardrobe.  Suzanna is a professional and a pleasure to work with.  I plan on working with Suzanna again and highly recommend her." 

Lisa Greener - Client since September 2015 

 "After attending your 'Pack it Well' presentation over the summer, I was fascinated with the concept of packing for a week in Europe in a carry on bag but a little skeptical.  Yesterday you proved me wrong!  In less than 2 enjoyable hours, you picked out the outfits, shoes and accessories; photographed them, and effortlessly packed the bag.  I am ready to travel with 3 weeks to spare.  I  will have to find something else to stress about!  You are a joy to work with"

Layne Suhre - Client since July 2015

 "As a college student about to study abroad in Spain for four months, I was totally overwhelmed when it came to packing.  I am known to over pack but Suzanna showed me that it can be simple to pack light and still look great.  I now understand what the necessities are versus what will just add weight and take up space.  Thanks to Suzanna I will be able to travel all over Europe with a light back pack.  Muchas gracias Suzanna!"

Kristina M. client since 2015


"Right away I implemented the summer colors of my season and people were complimenting me on my appearance.  It is really nice to see how all the pieces in my wardrobe do go together and makes pulling an outfit together that much easier.  Suzanna was wonderful with determining not only my colors but clothes that suit my body type.  It has made shopping easier and more efficient for me."

Cindy C. client since  2009


"I had such fun and feel so much more confident about my clothes now.  I feel like a lot of my unused clothes will no longer go to waste. I loved what Suzanna put together for a luncheon I just attended and felt so confident and stylish!"

Leslie H, client since  2011


"I can't believe what Suzanna found in my closet.  I was in a rut, wearing the same items over and over again, thinking I had nothing to wear.  Boy, was I wrong!  Suzanna worked her magic, taking shirts, sweaters, jackets and scarves and pairing them together in ways I never would have on my own.  Now, it seems I have a full wardrobe for this winter.  I can't wait to see what she does with my spring wardrobe."

Elina Yufa - Client since July 2015

 "Not only is her style contagious but also her accent!  Suzanna of Wear it Well made me comfortable in my own skin and inspired me with endless outfits and got me excited about my closet again.  Truly life changing."

Heidi Stern - Very Personal Stylist at J Crew.

 "Love working with Suzanna! She's spot on.  She helps women gain confidence in themselves. She has a good eye and brings out the best in everyone. I notice a little Suzanna touch in her clients - a special pin, a scarf, a color tone.  Everyone needs a little Suzanna in their life."

Maria M. client since 2005

​​"I had an addiction to shopping that was out of control.  I bought clothes in every color, shape and style.  Even though Suzanna could not cure my addiction completely, she was at least able to teach me to shop for the right color, shape and style.  I look forward to her visits as we always put outfits together that help me feel good about myself.  With her positive attitude, laughter and kindness our sessions are not only fun but amazingly productive.  I highly recommend Suzanna for creating an amazing closet for all occasions and putting a smile on your face.  Thank you Suzanna, please don't ever leave me!

Marie J, client since 2011 


"Thanks so much for referring Suzanna to me. She did a wonderful job and I am looking forward to wearing many different outfits she was able to put together for me.  We also recycled many items I thought may have been out of date.  We need to continue to refer her to others in the community, since she is very talented."

Carola Tanna - Client since October 2015

 "I highly recommend the services of Suzanna Pearson's business, Wear it Well.  I just acquired thousands of dollars worth of outfits that were hiding in my closet for the cost of one consultation.  Not to mention the acquisition of more space in the closet that was previously being held captive by clothes that just needed to go.  Her experience eye combined the items I know and love in new ways, and she helped me understand why the dormant clothes weren't working, so I won't have to keep making the same mistakes.  There was no pressure to change my style, and no pressure to buy anything."

Debby L. client since 2015


"I am feeling so good about my wardrobe and choices - mostly feeling relaxed and renewed!  Thanks so much!."

Rachael S. client since 2005


"I have worked with Suzanna over the past nine months.  The color session was a big revelation. I now know what colors flatter me and how easy it is to mix and match outfits if I stay within the same color season.  I enjoyed the wardrobe session as we sorted items for donation and alteration. The rest was styled into outfits and photographed.  Suzanna made a list of pieces to add to my revamped style, took me shopping and showed me how to incorporate them into my wardrobe.  This process has been a lot of fun. I have a much improved image of myself now and feel that I have the 'know how' to do this for myself now."