Book a Stylish Presentation   

Tailor a style presentation for your work place or club.  Learn the basics of dressing for success, and create a cohesive, professional image. 

Price on application.  Some events FREE!

Coordinate your Wardrobe  

The key to dressing well is surprisingly uncomplicated.  Together we will sort your existing clothing, and assess the styles and fits that compliment your body type, figure and lifestyle.  Next, we will put together new outfits using the clothing you already own, and suggest pieces that would help complete your wardrobe. At the end of your session, all photos will be emailed to you, showing new outfits to refer to later. Following the session, we will research any missing items and email specific suggestions and send links to possible items of interest.

Dressing will become a joy - a stress-free start to every day. $225 for first two hours, $75 thereafter .  Travel may apply.





Plan a shopping Trip

Do you need an expert 'friend' to show you styles and colors that suit you?  Do you have an upcoming event requiring a special

outfit?  Are you looking to update or refresh your style?   We will join you and ensure you have the perfect outfit for any occasion.

$95 for per hour - Travel may apply


Request a Stylish Gift Certificate  

Contact us to receive a Stylish Gift Certificate for your mom,

daughter, sister, girlfriend today!

1 Hour Pack it Well 

Have you gone on a week-long vacation or business trip with a month’s worth of clothing, and found you only wore a few things? You’re not alone! Many a weary traveler has returned with a suitcase full of well-traveled, clean and unworn clothes. In addition to being unnecessary, over-packing can also be expensive since most airlines now charge to check bags.  We will share our 3-2-1 process for choosing what to pack. The key to packing well is color. You need to choose a base color for your coat, pants and shoes first. Then you build upon that and choose pieces that compliment. All pieces should work well together so you can make multiple outfits for day and night, and layer to manage changes in weather.”  $95 for 1 hour - Travel may apply.

Discover your unique color season  

We all have a season of colors that make us look fresher, younger and more vibrant. During a color consultation, you will be draped with a selection of contrasting shades. You'll be amazed to see how certain hues highlight and flatter you more than others.  At the end of your color consultation, you'll know which colors are yours.  You'll leave armed with a color swatch to use as a guide when shopping. When you buy clothes, accessories, jewelry and cosmetics that flatter you, you'll look fabulous. And your entire wardrobe will be coordinated.  

$225 for a 1.5 hour session.  Travel may apply.