J McLaughlin - Winnetka 

May 19, 2016

"I can't believe I can pack for a whole week in one bag! This information takes all the stress out of packing for a trip."  Lisa Kocourek

Photographer: Molly Pearson

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Many thanks to Ellen Stirling of The Lake Forest Shop for hosting Pack it Well, and 

Caitlin Saville from C.Saville Photography for such beautiful photos of the event.

Stephanie Allen, Lisa Kocourek,

Leslie Habjan, Jenny Simpson,

Kiki Clark, Polly Richardson,

Catherine Driscoll - Red Communications LLC 


"Love working with Suzanna! She's spot on.  She helps women gain confidence in themselves. She has a good eye and brings out the best in everyone. I notice a little Suzanna touch in her clients - a special pin, a scarf, a color tone.  Everyone needs a little Suzanna in their life."  Heidi Stern

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"Since I've been working with Suzanna, I can walk into a store and go directly to the right colors. It makes shopping and buying the right clothes so easy"  Jenny Simpson

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J McLaughlin - Lake Forest Pack it Well

October 21, 2015

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"The presentation was entirely engaging and entertaining!  I learned so much, how to fold and pack a rolling suitcase. Picking a base color is really good advice"  Polly Richardson